Avoiding a Wedding Disc Jockey Disaster

Avoiding a Wedding DJ DisasterAlmost everyone you know has a good story story about a wedding disaster involving a ceremony gone wrong, an obnoxious guest, or a vendor that failed to deliver. While some mishaps are easily fixed, others can spell big trouble for example, if your wedding disc jockey proves unsatisfactory, the entire reception can feel like a letdown.  If you want to avoid a wedding disc jockey disaster, then there are several things you need to keep in mind while shopping for a vendor. The first and most obvious step is also the one that many couples overlook when they’re in a rush – or in the happy fog of wedding planning – check their reviews.

A great way to find a wedding disc jockey is to take recommendations from friends, or browse online rating sites like Yelp or Angie’s List. This will give you extra insight into the important details, such as whether the jockey was professional, charismatic, or only so-so. It’ll also clue you in if the DJ caters to a specific crowd or is flexible enough to fit into different types of weddings such as uber-formal versus themed.

Don’t be afraid to shop around. You wouldn’t settle for the first good deal you find in any other situation, so don’t let the pressure of wedding planning rush you into a contract with the first wedding disc jockey you find. There is more than one kind of wedding disc jockey disaster. While you’re comparing vendors, be sure to double-check the fine print behind the package. Does the DJ handle requests from the crowd? Are they willing to emcee events and announcements throughout the reception? Are there extra charges for traveling to a special location (such as a remote hotel)? What are the deposit and refund policies, in case something falls through?

While you’re asking about the price, keep in mind that as with other vendors–photographer, caterer–a wedding disc jockey may charge a lower fee for a gig that falls in an off-peak period. So, for example, a gig on a Wednesday morning in April might cost much less than the coveted Saturday evening slot in June. A little upfront legwork can make it easy to find a wedding disc jockey for your reception, and can save you from having your own wedding disc jockey disaster story to share in the future.

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