How to Make Your Wedding Song Selections

How to Make Your Wedding Song SelectionsYou might already have planned your wedding festivities down to the last detail, but while you’re thinking about the big post-ceremony bash, you need to do a little thinking about your wedding playlist, or perhaps more accurately, the song selections that need to go, stat! Choosing the wrong wedding song set list can dampen the mood of the reception. So, while you’re humming away, here are several types of songs not to include in your playlist.

If you’re choosing a wedding song for the first dance or daddy daughter dance, and you’re nervous about hitting the dance floor in front of so many eyes, choose a short song, preferably under three minutes–not the five-minute-long medley version of an old favorite. If you decide to walk down the aisle to something offbeat, do a few test-runs to be sure the length and mood – and lyrics – are appropriate for your entrance.

It’s usually wise to avoid anything with explicit or very suggestive lyrics. While loading up a thumping Top 40 playlist might sound like fun, older relatives or couples with younger children might be embarrassed, at best. So save the hot and heavy dance numbers for a different party. Keep in mind that if you choose certain venues for your reception, they may dictate what wedding song selections you make; for example, some religious venues restrict the use of popular music, especially when you’re walking down the aisle.

It’s also smart to include different styles and genres of music on your wedding song playlist, since it’s unlikely all of your guests will share the same tastes in music. Try to avoid anything that sounds especially jarring when turned up loud like rap or metal, even if that’s your normal taste, unless, of course, all of your guests are of a like mind! If nostalgia is taking hold and you want to pick a tune that was popular on the radio when you and your honey first met, stop and think about the airtime that song received. If it was played to death when it first hit the airwaves, your guests might groan instead of applaud.

And remember, just because you and your friends share great taste doesn’t mean that you need to share a playlist. If you notice that the majority of your wedding song selections mimic the playlist from your best friend’s wedding, it’s time to do a little rearranging. No one likes a copycat!

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