Theme Weddings

Theme WeddingsDo white dresses and tiered cakes just seem so, well, average to you? Many couples looking for a fun, memorable, and totally unique way to celebrate their big day turn to theme weddings as an alternative. Granted, every bride plans her wedding to be special and unique, but theme weddings really let you break out of the traditional mold and host a party sure to be unlike anything your guests have attended before.

 Theme weddings can be cute and classy or over-the-top kooky; how far you go is up to you! Remember the couple who dressed up for a Star Wars-themed wedding and invited George Lucas to preside? You don’t have to take your theme that far, but a more low-key ode to your favorite things is just as easy to plan.

For example, if you met on a vacation at the ocean, why not hold a beach wedding with a seaside theme? Decorate the tables with seashells and candles in glass hurricane lamps, and stick to a palette of beachy colors, like white, sand, and blue. You can coordinate everything from your decor to your wedding dress to match your theme.

Popular theme weddings include vintage weddings, seasonal weddings (like a winter wonderland theme), and cultural weddings. You can plan a theme wedding around your likes and hobbies, like a Wild West theme, a costume ball, or a woodland forest theme.

Want to know a little secret? Theme weddings are a cheap alternative to a destination wedding! Dream of getting married in Italy? Choose an old church for your vows, and coordinate the decor and music at the reception to give your party an Old World vibe. Serve traditional foods and print your invitations and menus in Italian and English. (Google Translate can help with this part.)

Theme weddings don’t have to be expensive; in fact, because many couples end up DIY-ing so many things, like invitations or decor, they can be a great way to have extra fun on a budget! Start with what you love, use your imagination and browse the Web for inspiration, and soon you’ll have a theme wedding that’s anything but average.

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