Work a Wedding DJ into Your Budget

Work a Wedding DJ into Your BudgetWhen your wedding budget is tight, you may think that the cost of a wedding DJ is an easy place to cut corners. Often brides and grooms are tempted to ask a friend or relative to play the music at their reception, in an attempt to curtail costs. While a free or inexpensive DJ may seem like a help, you will find that your reception will be far better paced if you hire an experienced wedding DJ.

What a Wedding DJ Knows

Anyone can push play on a music player, but it takes a real DJ to know how to help with the rhythm of the party. An experienced wedding DJ will be able to gauge the energy level of the guests and use music to keep things flowing smoothly. There are times when a slow, easy song is appropriate. There are also times when a fast, fun, crowd pleasing song needs to get the party moving. Your DJ acts as a guide through the moods of the reception.

When putting together a song list for a wedding reception, your music master should understand how the music affects the flow of the night. It can be jarring to follow up a slow song with a hard, fast number. A wedding  DJ with experience will be able to line up the songs and build the mood, rather than jump around from tune to tune with no plan.

Master of Ceremonies

Your DJ can also act as Master of Ceremonies. Provide your DJ with your schedule of events, and ask them to plan their songs around the highlights of the night. Interrupting a room full of dancers to cut the cake will be more difficult than flowing from a slow song into the event. A wedding DJ will have experience working the room.

When it comes to the happy couple’s first dance, the bride’s dance with her father, or any special moment that happens during the reception, a DJ’s choice of music can make all the difference. Work with your wedding DJ to choose the right music for the right moment.

While a relative or friend may be a less expensive option for your reception music, an experienced DJ does more than just play tunes. When you hire a wedding DJ, you are hiring someone who can help with the entire flow of the reception. Knowing that your guests will be entertained and your special moments handled perfectly will go a long way towards helping you relax and focus on enjoying your reception.


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